Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Sophistication.
An anniversary gift

18 kt white gold, round cut in claw setting
In the heart of our studio's philosophy lies the commitment to blending traditional elegance with contemporary design. This bespoke project, a pair of classical white gold diamond studs for our bespoke client, exemplifies it perfectly. Tasked with creating a piece that embodies both timelessness and modernity, we set on a journey to craft a pair of earrings that would not only dazzle but also express the unique sensibilities of the wearer.

Our client sought a pair of simple earrings that could transition seamlessly from day to evening wear, complementing any outfit while making a subtle yet unmistakable statement. The request was for something classic, yet with a modern twist, underscoring the importance of versatility in design. With a preference for diamonds and white gold, the challenge was to infuse these traditional elements with a fresh perspective.
The design phase began with the selection of the centrepiece diamonds. Emphasising quality and brilliance, we chose two 1 carat diamonds, each embodying the pinnacle of clarity and color. The choice of size was deliberate, striking a balance between visibility and understatement, ensuring the studs could be a staple in any wardrobe.

Moving on to the setting, we decided on a 6-prong arrangement for each diamond. This decision was not taken lightly; the 6-prong setting is not only secure but also elevates the diamonds, allowing more light to interact with the facets.

The results is an enhanced sparkle and an illusion of greater size, making the diamonds appear even more radiant. The prongs themselves were designed to be sleek and minimalistic, giving the studs a modern silhouette that distinguishes them from more traditional 4-prong settings.
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