A Tale of Love and Craftsmanship: Lev and Rita's Anniversary Jewel

White Gold 14 kt with pear shaped diamond in bezel setting
In August 2023, Lev reached out with a vision to commemorate the love he shared with Rita, his beloved wife of five years. The request was to create a ring, a symbol of their enduring bond, yet unbeknownst to Rita, this gift was to be a heartwarming surprise.

Our journey with Lev was marked by meticulous collaboration and deep understanding. Each step of the design process was a testament to their love story. Selecting the perfect diamond was pivotal, as it needed to resonate with the essence of their relationship. We delved into various aspects, from size to shape, ensuring that the chosen gem mirrored the depth and brilliance of their journey together.

Navigating through the challenges, we first tackled the budget. Understanding Lev's financial considerations and his aspirations for the diamond, we meticulously balanced cost with quality. The result was a splendid stone that not only aligned with his budget but also encapsulated the desired characteristics of carat, clarity, and colour.

Discovering Rita's ring size was a seamless task, achieved by referring to a previous piece Lev had lovingly chosen for her. This insight allowed us to replicate the perfect fit, ensuring comfort and elegance in equal measure.
Perhaps the most intriguing challenge was capturing Rita's unique style. Our approach was holistic – we gathered insights into her personality and preferences by studying photographs, considering her existing jewelry collection, and drawing from Lev's intimate knowledge of his wife.

This thorough research led us to the final design: a sophisticated, pear-shaped diamond in a bezel setting, nestled elegantly in white gold. The choice of a bezel setting was deliberate, not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for the protection it offered to the delicate pear-cut diamond.
The unveiling of the ring was a moment of pure joy. Rita, enveloped in surprise and delight, embraced her new jewel, which soon took its place among her most cherished treasures. For us, the satisfaction came not just from crafting a beautiful piece but in knowing that we had successfully captured the spirit of Lev and Rita's love.

This creation, more than just a ring, is a legacy piece, envisioned to be passed down through generations. It stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting jewels that tell a story, jewels that resonate with the tales of those who wear them.
Pear Cut Diamond 0.57 ct
Clarity IF, Color E
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